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Lease Plan, Title Plans, Deed of variation plans Sutton


Land registy lease plans, Title plans & Deed of variation plans.

Introduction -

When it comes to acquiring property, having accurate land registry compliant plans is crucial. These plans not only help in the buying and selling of property but can also be used for various legal procedures, land development projects, and boundary disputes. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to land registry compliant plans that will help you understand everything you need to know about them.

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What Are Land Registry Compliant Plans? -

Land registry compliant plans are detailed maps and drawings that show the exact boundaries of a property. These plans are used to register the property with the Land Registry, where they become part of the legal record. They must be accurate, up-to-date, and meet the requirements set out by the Land Registry for registration purposes.

Why Are Land Registry Compliant Plans Important? -

Having accurate and up-to-date land registry compliant plans is crucial to protect your ownership rights. Without these plans, it can be challenging to determine the exact boundaries of your property, making it difficult to identify any encroachments, or disputes with your neighbors. These plans also help to avoid any claims of adverse possession, where someone claims ownership of your land after occupying it for a certain period of time..

What Do Land Registry Compliant Plans Include? -

Land registry compliant plans can include a variety of details that show the boundaries of the property, including:

1. Location map - This map shows the site in its surrounding area, including at least two major geographical features, such as rivers or roads.

2. A red outline/boundary - This clearly identifies the extent of the land, including any rights of way, rights of light, or easements.

3. Position of any buildings/structures - This should include any substantial fixed buildings.

4. North point indicator - This helps to provide a sense of direction.

5. Address - The full address, plot number or title number should clearly be shown.

6. Scale bar - This helps to show the proportions of the plan and provides a sense of distance.

How To Get Land Registry Compliant Plans?

There are several ways to get land registry compliant plans. One way is to hire a professional surveyor who can create an accurate plan that meets land registry requirements. These surveyors can analyze the property and create detailed plans that are both current and compliant with the land registry regulations.

Another option is to obtain plans from the Land Registry itself. If the property has been registered, you can obtain a copy of the title plan and register details directly from the Land Registry website. However, it is essential to note that these plans may not be as detailed as those created by a professional surveyor.

Conclusion -

Land registry compliant plans are an essential part of the property buying and selling process. They protect your property rights, help identify any disputes or encroachments, and provide a legal record of the property's boundaries. If you are looking to acquire or sell property, it is crucial to ensure that you have accurate and up-to-date land registry-compliant plans. By following the guidelines set out by the Land Registry, and enlisting the help of a professional surveyor if necessary, you can ensure that your plans are both accurate and compliant with the regulations.

land registry Lease Plans

example lease plan...

Lease Plan Flat 6, 58-60 Shorncliffe Road, Folkestone Kent, CT20 3EA


Lease plans Sutton

Land registry compliant Lease Plans as prepared according to Land Registry Rules 2003.

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